5 Simple Ways Detox


1. Hydrate your body.

Drink about half your body weight in ounces of water. Coffee is not water and is dehydrating so take that into consideration. Try to get 2/3rds of your water in before 1pm, no one wants to be up all night.


2. Twice a Day

We must eliminate, for example urinate and sweat, for toxins to be removed from the body. Making sure you have regular bowel movements may be more important then getting your liver to work more efficiently. Bowel transit time is a term that refers to how long it takes for food that you have consumed to end up in the toilet.

In a certain way, the body likes to recycle so if the transit time is really slow, the body will reabsorb the water, hormones, cholesterol and toxins and make it harder to have normal bowel movements.

Making sure you are hydrated and having a good balance of plant-based soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet is essential. Try eliminating dairy and gluten from your diet if you are chronically constipated, get checked for parasites and reach out to me if you have other questions.If you are constipated, you must find a solution to moving your bowels at least once or twice a day. Drink water, and eat prunes, beets, increase Magnesium for an easy bowel cleanse. Try Senna tea and make sure you are getting fiber in your diet. If you have tried all of these things and nothing has worked, consult with me. Having all exits working while detoxing makes this process easier on you.*Avoid using magnesium citrate if you are taking medication for kidney disease or any other medications that thin your blood (e.g., Cipro or Lanoxin).

3. Green Up

Alkalize your body by adding more green leafy vegetables to your diet. Eat salads, put greens in smoothies and sauté greens with olive oil and garlic for a delicious treat then add them to soups. Alkaline Food Chart


4. Eat cruciferous vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Research shows that adding daily Brussels sprouts to the diet insures that circulating estrogens are broken down safely in the liver.

5. Whenever possible eat organic

15 Dirty Dozen LIST  Fewer toxins in means less work your body has to do to break down and eliminate them. Make sure you eliminate all BPA(where are they found) products for storing, cooking, and eating/drinking out of while detoxing. Making note of all the things in your cupboards and fridge that store food and beverages in.  

Want to learn more about how nutrition can help you feel your best? As a Holistic nutritionist I can help! Contact me to learn more about how we can work together.

Jessamyn Sajko